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Four Ways to Assess Stair Safety

How safe are your senior’s stairs?

Stairways can be a safety hazard for people no matter how old they are. You definitely want to be sure that your aging family member isn’t putting her safety at risk on her own stairs, though. Follow these tips and make sure that you pay particular attention to anything that could make her stairs more dangerous for her. 

Really Look at Handrails

Elder Care in Columbia, SC: Seniors and Stairs

Handrails are incredibly important for stair safety. Make sure that the handrails that are in place are sturdy and that they could support your senior’s weight if she were to lose her balance and lean heavily on them. If the handrails aren’t sturdy enough or they’re non-existent, that’s something you need to fix right away. 

Pay Close Attention to Lighting 

Lighting everywhere is vital, but it’s especially important in a stairway. That is because stairways tend to be darker than rooms or even hallways, especially if there are no sources of natural light nearby. One of the best things you could do is to connect bright overhead lighting to a motion sensor. This ensures that your elderly family member has the lighting she needs to see safely on the stairs, even if she forgets to flip a switch. 

Check the Treads 

The stair’s treads need some attention, too. If there’s no contrast, then it might be difficult for your senior to see the edge of each stair. Reflective or colorful tape might be an easy way to make the edge of each step more visible for your love done. If the treads themselves are carpeted, make sure that the carpet is firmly attached to each step. For hard surfaces, make sure they’re not too slippery, especially if your senior is barefoot or only wearing socks. 

Do Away with Clutter  

Clutter is a huge problem everywhere in your elderly family member’s home, but it can be especially dangerous on or around the stairs. Do what you can to remove clutter from the top and bottom of the stairway, and make sure that you’re not leaving anything on the stairs themselves. The more you can free the stairs of anything extraneous, the safer they’ll be. 

If your senior has mobility issues, she may need some extra help on the stairs and in other parts of her home. She may also benefit from having some extra help ensuring that her stairs are safe on a continual basis. Elder care providers can help with all of that. 


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