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Four Tips for Caregiving When You Have a Full-time Job

Being a caregiver is tough enough but adding in the demands of a full-time job make the entire prospect even more difficult.

Being a caregiver at first may not intrude much on the rest of your life. As your senior’s needs grow, though, you may find it’s even more difficult to balance caregiving with other demands, like your full-time job. 


You Might Feel as if You Have Two Jobs

Elderly Care Columbia, SC:Four Tips for Caregiving When You Have a Full-time Job

Caregiving takes up a lot of time and energy. It can take up so much time and energy that you may feel as if you go to work and then come home to another full-time job. There are a lot of different reasons for this, ranging from the types of help your senior needs to other details, like whether you work long hours or sleep enough. What can help you to get through this is to start determining who can help and what specific tasks they can help you manage. 

Priorities Matter More than Ever 

Your own priorities are going to make a bigger difference in this situation than they ever have before. What you prioritize is what’s going to get accomplished, both at work and as a caregiver. There are going to be some things that simply fall through the cracks and you have to determine how important it is for you to find a solution. In terms of caregiving, it’s important for you to make sure all your bases are covered. 

You May Have Additional Options 

Your employer may have more assistance waiting in the wings for you than you realize. If you haven’t investigated your company’s employee assistance program, or EAP, yet, you might want to do so. Very often these programs include assistance for caregivers to access. Working from home may be another option, especially if there’s no difference in the work you submit.  

Elderly Care Providers Can Make This Easier 

Hiring elderly care providers to assist with your senior is another option and it may be more accessible than you realize. They can ensure that your senior’s needs are met when you’re away. It’s also an option to have them help your senior when you are home but not able to give your senior your full attention. If you’re working from home or exhausted after a long day, you’re not as able to be as present as you want to be. 

There’s a balance that you need to find as a caregiver and it’s difficult to achieve. You may never find that you’re able to handle both caregiving and a full-time career completely on your own and that’s not a bad thing at all. Everyone needs help now and again, especially busy caregivers. 


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