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Find Out how To Maintain Healthy Skin

Elderly Care near Simpsonville, SC – November is National Healthy Skin Month

As you age, so does your skin. Taking care of it now can help prevent wrinkles, age spots and other skin related issues later in life. The sun, being the skin’s biggest enemy, can cause wrinkles, dry, itchy skin, age spots (also called liver spots or solar lentigo), and cancer are all possibilities when you’ve been exposed to the sun too much.


Other outside stimulants potentially harmful to your skin include:

  • smoking
  • too much air conditioning in hot months or heating in cold months
  • artificial tanning (bed, pills, make up)
  • strong soaps
  • perfumes
  • antiperspirants
  • stress
  • diet
  • dehydration


Currently, there are very few treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. Tretinoin, a prescription cream, and erbium lasers are two options available through your doctor. Studies for alternative methods are being conducted but could involve some less than desirable side effects.


Regularly examine yourself for new moles, dark spots, and unusual bumps and be on the look-out for early warning signs of skin cancer, it can make all the difference. Protecting yourself now is the best method for being free of skin cancer later. The FDA strongly urges everyone to cover up and use sunscreen when we are exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially during peak hours, even on cloudy days. There are a few types of skin cancer, melanoma being the most dangerous as it can spread to other parts of the body if you’re not careful.


Shingles is another irritating skin issue caused by the same virus that gives us chickenpox. Anyone who has had chickenpox can get shingles which causes rashes, blisters and painful itching. Antiviral drugs are available to help reduce symptoms, if administered early they can reduce a lot of pain and irritation.


Making the right choices can pay off as you and your skin age. Using moisturizers, staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the sun are your best defense against a possible life threatening situation. If you notice something new or questionable, consult a doctor, it may save your life. If one of those spots is a sign of skin cancer and it hasn’t spread then there is much hope for a long healthy life.

With November being National Healthy Skin Month, it’s an extra reminder to take extra good care of your skin. Your elderly loved one has special skin care needs that come with aging, like thinner and dryer skin. Elder care services can assist your loved one with skin care and other personal care needs she may have, such as bathing and dressing.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring elderly care services near Simpsonville SC, contact Heart of the Carolinas Home Care at 864-991-3116.

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