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Elderly Care Services Can Help in Little Ways

Elderly care aides help in many other ways. Learn more about the services your parents can have thanks to home care.

Elderly care keeps your parents safe, happy, and independent. You probably associate these services with tasks like cooking and cleaning. Elderly care aides help in many other ways. Learn more about the services your parents can have thanks to home care. 

Elderly Care Greer, SC: Elderly Care Services

Your mom gets tired easily. She’ll do her laundry, but she never puts things away properly. Her clothes end up stacked in a pile on her chair. Her towels are set in a pile on the bathroom counter. 
Caregivers help with organization. The caregiver sent to your mom’s house will put away her laundry in the right place. Towels get put in the linen closet where they belong. Organization of closets, cupboards, and pantries are all completed with the help of caregivers. 
Does your dad forget when it’s time to schedule his dental cleaning? Does he often skip his yearly doctor’s appointment because he forgets when a year has passed? Has he forgotten to get his dog licensed or to renew his car’s registration? 
Caregivers can schedule appointments and note reminders on calendars to ensure yearly renewals are never overlooked. When an appointment arrives, caregivers can make sure your parents are ready to leave on time. 
Grocery Shopping 
If your parents have a hard time shopping, caregivers can do the grocery shopping for them. If they want to go, caregivers can join them. With caregivers helping out, your parents don’t have to struggle to read labels on food packaging. 
Caregivers can also help your parents create a weekly shopping list. They can add to it when items run out. They can also help your parents find the best savings while shopping. 
If your mom and dad have been told not to drive, caregivers offer transportation services. Caregivers can drive them to medical offices, stores, restaurants, local attractions, and other nearby locations. They’ll stay with your parents if needed or pick them up later. 
Some older adults are fine doing the dusting and vacuuming. What they don’t have is someone to talk to each day. As friends move away and family settles in other states, loneliness sets in. 
Companionship services ensure that older men and women have visits from caregivers regularly. Your mom or dad could have a caregiver stopping by once a week or more often for a friendly conversation or to take them on an outing to stores, area attractions, or restaurants. 
How do you find out more about these and other elderly care services? Call a home care specialist to talk about services in your parents’ area and what the costs are.


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