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How to Recognize When Your Elderly Parent Should Stop Driving


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Driving provides us with a sense of freedom and independence, but can become increasingly dangerous for older adults to do. This is not to say that all seniors can’t drive anymore. In fact, there Elderly-Care-in-Anderson-SC are many older adults who are healthy enough to continue driving well into their golden years. But research has shown that the numbers of fatal car crashes seniors are involved in rise significantly once they have reached the age of 70.

If you fear your elderly parent is unable to drive anymore, this does not mean they must stay at home for the rest of their life because there are other means of transportation to explore. One way would be to have an elder care provider drive them to appointments, the grocery store, and anywhere else they would like to go. Another way is through public transportation, such as busses and taxis. Watch for the following symptoms in order to determine if it is time for your loved one to hang up the keys and let someone else drive for them.

  • Their eyesight is not what it used to be. One of the most common bodily changes of aging is vision loss or blurriness. This change can cause the elder’s eyes to become especially sensitive to light or have problems seeing at night. They may also be unable to read traffic signs or notice other drivers and traffic lights.
  • Constantly complain of pain in their neck. If your loved one is experiencing a painful or stiff neck, it may be extremely difficult for them to turn their heads when changing lanes or watching for traffic before turning into an intersection.
  • Reaction time has diminished. A car accident can happen in a split second, but can be prevented by having a fast reaction time to other drivers or road conditions. If the elder does not have a quick reaction time, they are at a higher risk for getting into a car accident.
  • Lapse in memory. Memory is an important component for all drivers, especially when traveling to a location they should know the directions to by heart. Without a clear memory, the senior may get lost or confused much more. If you are concerned about your loved one’s memory, make sure to talk to their doctor immediately to determine if they could be at risk for dementia or other health problems.

Telling an elderly loved one that they should not be driving anymore is a tough conversation to have, but necessary if they are putting their lives and the lives of others at risk when behind the wheel. Watch for these red flags to determine if this is a conversation you and your parent should have.


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