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What You Can Learn about Yourself in Your Elderly Care Journey


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While your initial decision to become a family caregiver for your aging loved ones was to benefit them and to make sure that they get the care, assistance, support, and encouragement that they Elderly-Care-Columbia-SC need in order to live the highest quality of life possible. During your elderly care journey, however, you can also learn a considerable amount about yourself. Dedicating yourself to caring for others is an amazing way to illuminate characteristics of yourself that you may not have ever known were part of who you are. This can further confirm your ability to be a good caregiver for your seniors, as well as show you what you can be and accomplish when your care journey comes to an end.


Some of the things that you can learn about yourself in the course of your elderly care journey include:

• Patience. Caring for seniors, especially those with extensive challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, or who are combative and resistant to care, can require an incredible amount of patience. Dealing with these challenges and also doing your best to help your seniors maintain as much independence, autonomy, and dignity as possible, can require you to exert more patience than you ever have. Through these caring efforts you may discover that you are a much more patient person than you thought.

• Strengths. Knowing your strengths is something that comes up in many facets in life, from your education to choosing your career path. Most people identify what they consider their strengths when they are quite young and then stick to them. Finding yourself on a care journey, however, can show you strengths that you did not even realize that you had. You may find that you are far more skilled in certain areas than you thought that you were, and may even realize that you can handle things that you never would have thought you were able to handle.

• Weaknesses. Just as adults are expected to know and utilize their strengths, you are also expected to know your weaknesses. This is often what discourages people from taking on the role of being a family caregiver because they fear that too many of their weaknesses will come into play. While on the journey, however, you may find that the things you thought were your weaknesses are not actually problems for you, but that you have weaknesses in other areas. This clarity is not a bad thing. Recognizing the areas in which you may need help or that you can build enable you to reach out to the people who can support you and fill in the gaps that may exist in your care efforts.

• Desires in life. There is nothing quite like suddenly needing to be a caregiver for your parents to give you clarity about your life and its direction. This is an amazing time for you to learn about what really matters to you and put you on the path toward achieving what you truly want in life.


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