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What Should Your Senior Do if She Becomes Sick?

If your elderly family member becomes sick with a cough and a fever, she may have been exposed to coronavirus. 

You might be worried about what to do if your senior becomes sick as a result of coronavirus. As her caregiver, there are some steps you might need to take if she does start to feel ill. 

Contact Her Doctor Right Away with a Description of Her Symptoms

Caregiver Spartanburg, SC: What if Your Senior Becomes Sick

As soon as your senior realizes that she’s sick, she should contact her doctor. Make sure that her doctor is aware of all of her symptoms so that the right decisions can be made from the start. If your elderly family member only has a few symptoms, she may be experiencing something besides coronavirus. Her doctor can ask the right screening questions. 

Stay Home, Unless Her Doctor Recommends Otherwise 

Unless your senior’s doctor feels that this is an emergency, she may be told to stay home. This is good advice for several reasons. There’s no reason to put your senior through the stress of leaving home if she doesn’t need to go anywhere, for starters. Also, if your elderly family member does have coronavirus, it’s best for her to remain self-isolated at home for now. 

Cover Coughs and Sneezes 

Even at home it’s a good idea for your elderly family member to cover her coughs and sneezes. One reason for that is because it’s just a good habit to have, period. But if there is anyone else in the same home, your senior can help slow down the possibility of anyone else becoming sick by covering her coughs. If there are other people in the home, it’s a good idea to remain separated from them, just in case. 

Wear a Face Mask When Going to the Doctor 

If your senior does need to go to her doctor, it’s a good idea to wear a face mask if she has one. In a pinch, even a bandana can work. The reason for this is that your elderly family member will be out amongst other people and if she does have Covid-19, a face mask can help to reduce the risk that she’ll share it with anyone else. 

Monitor Symptoms Daily 

Keep tabs on your senior’s symptoms on a daily basis. If her symptoms worsen, for instance if she starts to have trouble breathing, then she may need medical attention beyond recuperating at home. Make sure that you follow the instructions that her doctor gave your senior and let them know if she is feeling worse. 

Many people are experiencing mild symptoms in relation to the coronavirus. It’s always best if your senior doesn’t have to go through the experience of being sick, though, so take all of the preventive precautions you can. 


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