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Remote Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors with Mobility Challenges

Companion care at home can help seniors get regular social interaction and have someone come to their home to share meals, hang out, and do activities with. For seniors with mobility challenges, remote volunteering gives all the benefits of volunteering while being able to stay at home.

6 Kidney Disease Concerns Companion Care at Home Can Help With

Kidney Disease: Companion Care at Home Greenville SC

One in seven adults have chronic kidney disease and it’s a health issue that requires special care to prevent further damage. March is National Kidney Month which dedicates awareness to kidney disease and how to help prevent it. Your dad lives alone, but his doctor just diagnosed him with chronic kidney disease. What should your […]

Hobbies for Seniors With Limited Mobility

Companion Care at Home Greenville, SC: Mobility Issues

Many experts feel partaking in pleasurable activities goes a long way toward keeping older folks healthy and active, which is particularly vital for those with restricted mobility.

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