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Should Your Dad Have a Pet for Companionship?

Pets are great for companionship. They give your dad a reason to get up each morning.
Elder Care Mauldin, SC: Seniors and Pets

Your dad is lonely and keeps saying he’d like a pet. You’re torn as a pet requires a lot of care. Do the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to getting a pet for companionship?

Pets Offer Numerous Benefits

Pets are great for companionship. They give your dad a reason to get up each morning. If he has a dog, he’ll be motivated to go outside for walks every day, which is good for his heart, blood pressure, and mobility.

Elder Care Mauldin, SC: Seniors and Pets
Elder Care Mauldin, SC: Seniors and Pets

A cat doesn’t need to go for walks, but it does need attention. He’ll be spending time petting his cat, which is soothing and provides interaction that helps him feel a level of companionship. Bending over to clean the litter box is another daily chore that will help your dad stay limber. His cat also needs grooming, feeding, and playing with toys.

If your dad has a low-maintenance pet like a fish, he may not get the same exercise as he would with a dog, but he will find it soothing watching his fish swim around. The sound of the bubbling water is also relaxing and can help ease stress.

Other popular pets include birds, snakes, lizards, and rodents like rats or hamsters. Some birds can talk, which can be great if your dad needs someone to talk to each day. The other pets may need a bit of specific care, which can be helpful in getting your dad to stick to a specific daily schedule.

There Are Downsides

There are downsides to owning a pet. Your dad wants to join you on a vacation, but he can’t just leave his pet home alone for days or weeks. Pet care is going to need to be arranged.

Your dad will have the added expense of pet toys, food, and veterinary care. The cost of vet care, even routine vaccinations, can be expensive. If your dad is on a fixed income, he needs to consider the overall cost of owning a pet. Some rescues will provide free vet care if senior pets are adopted, so consider that as a way to make a pet more affordable for your dad.

What’s the Plan if Something Happens?

You’ve decided to get your dad a pet. Make sure a plan is in place for that pet if something happens. If you already have a household with pets, your dad’s new dog may not get along with your cats. You can’t take his dog, so who would? The dog should not end up as an unwanted pet.

Have you looked into companionship services from an elder care agency? Elder care aides stop by your dad’s house and keep him company. They’ll help him with housekeeping, meals, and transportation. He has a caregiver available to join him on outings and walks. Call an elder care specialist to get started.

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