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How Can Rehab Services Help Your Loved One After a Stroke?

Elder Care in Greer SC: Rehab After a Stroke
Elder Care in Greer SC: Rehab After a Stroke
Elder Care in Greer SC: Rehab After a Stroke

A stroke is often a sudden and debilitating condition for your loved one. Dealing with the aftermath of a stroke is complicated and you and your loved one may not be sure where to start. That’s where stroke rehabilitation services come in.

Speech Therapy.

Many people who suffer from a stroke have difficulty speaking as they’re recovering. For some stroke victims, this is a permanent issue while other people are able to fully recover. Stroke rehabilitation services can help your loved one to learn how to account for any trouble that she’s having with speaking.

Motor Skills Assistance.

Motor skills also suffer after a stroke. Whether this is mild or severe depends on the intensity of the stroke your loved one has suffered. Rehab after a stroke helps your loved one rebuild her motor skills by using specific activities and exercises to help her muscles and brain learn how to work together again.

Strength Exercises.

After a stroke, your loved one’s muscles are likely to be much weaker than they were before the stroke. This is especially true if your loved one was confined to her bed for a period of time after her stroke. Muscles atrophy and it takes extra work to help them to work properly again.

Mobility Exercises.

Beyond issues with her strength, your senior may have general mobility issues, too. She may have difficulty walking or even standing. With extra help, your loved one can start using assistive devices such as canes and walkers to help her get around.

Help Managing Emotional Reactions.

One factor that you and your loved one might not think about much is that there are bound to be some emotional reactions that no one expects. Having a health issue as significant as a stroke can leave your loved one feeling a great deal of loss. Stroke rehab programs are able to help your loved one learn how to process what she’s feeling so that she can heal even further.

Hiring elder care providers to help your senior with household tasks after a stroke can be extremely helpful. They can also help your loved one learn how to adapt to new abilities as she’s regaining her strength.

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