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Is Your Loved One Following Good Eating Practices?


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When your elderly loved one isn’t eating properly she might have health problems, weight gain, or even weight loss. Regardless of the symptoms, this means that your loved one’s body isn’t getting the nutrition that it needs.

Gather as Much Information as Possible

To start out, obtain as much information about your loved one’s current eating habits as you can. You might want to also make a trip to her doctor in order to determine if there are any dietary changes that she should be making. Look also at what types of food your loved one is eating and how often she’s eating. If you can work with your loved one to start a food diary, that can be incredibly helpful to both of you as you sort through what habits your loved one is willing to change.

Learn What Motivates Your Loved One to Eat Healthy

It helps to have an understanding of what can help to motivate your loved one to eat a more healthy diet. If she’s got specific health goals, that can be incredibly motivating. Simply improving her health can be enough, but some people need more to motivate them. Perhaps your loved one might enjoy eating out more regularly at a favorite restaurant. Special meals or even having meals cooked for her could be a motivating factor that encourages her to eat healthier meals.

Does She Need Help Cooking?

Regardless of whether it’s motivating for her or not, your loved one might need some help cooking. If she simply finds it too difficult, then she’s going to reach for convenience foods more often than not. Try cooking for her more regularly or asking other family members to do the same. You can trade off cooking meals to help fill your loved one’s fridge and freezer. Another option is to work with elder care providers who can cook meals for your loved one that fit with her recommended diet.

Spend Meal Times with Your Loved One

Some people find it difficult to eat alone. If that’s the issue for your loved one, she might find that choosing less healthy foods is preferable to spending time cooking and eating alone. To help her to deal with that problem, make meal times a special time to catch up with your loved one.

Once you and your loved one have a plan for helping her to follow good eating practices, let the other people in her life know. Her elder care providers and other family members can help you both stay on track.

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