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Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss for Senior Citizens

As many of you know, as someone gets old their body tends to struggle more. One of the challenges that many elderly adults have to deal with is hearing loss.

As many of you know, as someone gets old their body tends to struggle more. One of the challenges that many elderly adults have to deal with is hearing loss. Not being able to hear can be scary. Your loved one might have trouble communicating with family and friends. Although most hearing loss can’t be cured, there are some ways to prevent it. If your elderly loved one is already struggling with hearing loss, there are some ways you can help them.  

What are some causes of hearing loss with elderly adults?

Elderly Care Columbia, SC: Hearing Loss and Seniors

There are tiny hairs in our ears that translate sound vibrations. These hairs often wear out over time. When this happens, hearing loss can occur. Some causes of hearing loss include the following:  

  • Regular exposure to loud noises 
  • Frequent ear infection 
  • Abnormal growth in the ear 
  • Illnesses that involve high fevers 
  • Excessive earwax 

If you are concerned about hearing loss in your elderly loved one, you should speak to their doctor about it.  

What signs will you notice if your elderly loved one has hearing loss? 

Has your elderly loved one been concerned about their hearing? Are they worried that they might suffer from hearing loss? If so, it is important to talk to them about the signs of hearing loss. These signs include the following: 

  • Your elderly loved one hears people mumbling all the time. 
  • They have trouble understanding the words that other people are saying. 
  • They can’t hear in places that have a lot of background noises. 
  • Your elderly loved one has trouble hearing people when they talk to them on the phone.  
  • They have to turn their television volume all the way up to hear it well.  

If your elderly loved one has any of these hearing loss signs, they should get their hearing checked out by a doctor. If hearing loss is diagnosed, a plan can be made on what to do from there. 

What are some of the psychological effects that occur with hearing loss? 

It can be frustrating to deal with hearing loss. Many elderly adults find themselves feeling depressed and stressed out all the time. When it comes to eldercare, it is important to help your loved one keep a positive mind if they are experiencing hearing loss. Remind them that there are products that can help them hear better. Tell them you or their elder care provider will go with them to speak to their doctor about any procedures that might be able to help treat their hearing loss.  

What are some of the hearing loss prevention tips and information that you need to know about? 

It is important to remind your elderly loved one that ear protection is the best way to prevent hearing loss. It is also important to take them to get their ears checked on a regular basis. Remember to speak with their doctor if they have any issues with their hearing.  


Hearing loss is troubling. However, there are some prevention and treatment tips that can benefit your elderly loved one.  


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