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Everything You Need to Know About Cancers in the Elderly

Cancer of any sort can be scary. It can be tough thinking about your parents getting cancer.

When it comes to home care, one of the most common reasons for this service is helping cancer patients. Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in elderly women. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in elderly men. Learning more about both these types of cancer can help you to protect your parents.

Breast Cancer in the Elderly

Home Care Columbia, SC: Cancers in the Elderly

Most often breast cancer is found when women notice changes in their breasts. They may feel lumps or nipple changes. There may be a rash or dimples on the skin of their breasts. However, not every bump or change signifies cancer. If your parents experience any changes to their breasts, they should speak to their doctor. Elderly women should be getting regular mammograms anyways. The sooner changes are found and treated if they are cancer, the better the chances of treatment success could be.

In some cases, breast cancer is genetic and other times someone is going to be the first one in the family to get it. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity increase the risk of developing breast cancer, as well.

If you suspect your mother has breast cancer, make sure she sees the doctor right away.

Prostate Cancer in the Elderly
Prostate cancer is over 20 times as common for elderly men than younger men. Men who have this type of cancer will generally notice problems urinating, dribbling after they have gone to the bathroom, and a more frequent need to urinate. It is important not to ignore these symptoms, as they could signify cancer. There are specific antigen tests that can be done to test for cancer, so seeing a doctor can be crucial.

Prostate cancer is rarely seen in those who are under 50 years of age. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen earlier on. Some research shows that eating healthier and being more active can help to prevent prostate cancer. If you are worried that your father may develop prostate cancer, these are some of the things you can help him with to try preventing this type of cancer.

Things to Do if Your Parent Does Get Cancer
It is important to note that breast cancer and prostate cancer are only two of the many different types of cancers. If your parent does get any type of cancer, it is important to educate yourself on the type of cancer they get. Make sure you talk to their doctor and keep up to date on any changes in their symptoms. If they are having a lot of symptoms, you could hire a home care worker to help take care of them.

Cancer of any sort can be scary. It can be tough thinking about your parents getting cancer. However, if the symptoms of cancer are found early, there is often a good chance for treatment. Keep the information you read today in mind and talk to your parent’s doctor if you suspect they might have cancer.


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