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Elder Care Helps Seniors with Arthritis Stay Active

Exercise is important for seniors that have arthritis and with the help of elder care, your senior loved one can stay active.
Arthritis: Elder Care Columbia SC
Arthritis: Elder Care Columbia SC
Arthritis: Elder Care Columbia SC

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints, causing pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Despite the challenges of arthritis, it’s important for seniors to stay active as much as possible. However, just keeping active is the only key ingredient to ensuring your senior is healthy. Elder care professionals know the specific exercises that are important for your senior to stay healthy, active and manage their arthritis.

Trained Professionals Will Help With Beneficial Exercises for Your Senior

Staying active is important for seniors with arthritis in order to reduce pain, improve joint health, increase flexibility, and maintain overall physical and mental well-being. There are many exercises that can be beneficial for seniors with arthritis that your senior home care assistant can help your loved one with daily to keep them active and doing the correct motions. Some of these include:

  • Range of motion exercises: These types of exercises involve moving the joints through their full range of motion. They can help improve your loved one’s joint flexibility and reduce the stiffness. Examples include shoulder circles, wrist rotations, and ankle circles.
  • Strength training: Strength training exercises can help build muscle around the joints, reducing the stress on the joints and improving overall joint health and the support that it needs.
  • Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise can help improve cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce inflammation. Low-impact exercises such as walking, cycling, or swimming can be particularly beneficial for seniors with arthritis due to the limited impact on the joints.
  • Yoga or tai chi: These mind-body practices can help improve flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. They can also help reduce stress and improve your senior’s mood.
  • Water exercises: Water provides a low-impact environment that can be particularly beneficial for seniors with arthritis. Water exercises can help improve joint mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, and improve cardiovascular health. Examples include water aerobics or swimming.

Not only will your senior home caregiver help with these types of exercises, but they can also help with the transportation for your senior to attend group exercises so that they do not feel so isolated with their mobility issues.

Trained Professionals for Your Loved One’s Specific Needs

Your loved one is special, and they have special needs. Senior home care professionals are typically trained and certified to provide care services for the individual needs of your senior.

Home care providers may include elder care aides, home health aides, and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Personal care aides and home health aides are typically not required to have medical certification, although some states may have specific training or certification requirements. CNAs, on the other hand, are required to complete a state-approved training program and pass a certification exam before providing direct care to patients.

In addition, some home care agencies may have registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) on staff to provide more specialized medical care. These nurses may assist with tasks such as medication management, wound care, and monitoring vital signs.

Elder care can provide the specialized support to seniors with arthritis. Having a home care professional take care of your loved one’s arthritis can provide valuable support and assistance. This will allow the your loved one to manage their condition and maintain their overall well-being.

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