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Is it Possible to Help Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip?

Senior Care in Laurens SC: Helping Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip

One of the most difficult situations your elderly family member might face in her later years is the possibility of a broken hip. Breaking a hip can create a host of other medical problems for her and can complicate her life more than either of you want. Here are a few things you can do […]

Could Your Parent’s Morning Coffee be Protecting Their Health?


Senior Care in Laurens SC If your aging parent is like the vast majority of people throughout the United States, they enjoy a cup or two, or even a few, of coffee each day. In fact, studies show that at least 83 percent of the adults throughout the country drink coffee, making it the world’s […]

April is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Awareness Month

Senior Care in Laurens SC Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a chronic medical condition that is faced by many Americans today.  Though it is quite common and affects about 10-15% of people worldwide, it isn’t always talked about enough.  Because of this, many sufferers of IBS may not even know they have it and […]

5 Safety Tips for In-Home Senior Care

Senior Care in Laurens SC

Senior Care in Laurens SC Every year, millions of seniors aged 65 and over suffer injuries from falling. How can caregivers keep in-home care safe for seniors? These five safety tips can be used as an advantage any time of the year. 1. Inspect all rooms for clear pathways. Make sure that all stairs and floor areas are easy to navigate […]

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