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Four Ways to Make a Home Feel Safer for Someone with Dementia

Senior Care in Greer SC: Making a Home Feel Safer for Someone with Dementia

Feeling safe at home is essential for everyone, but especially for your senior with dementia. Sometimes a smaller change is something that can make a big difference. Secure Anything that Might Be Too Sharp. Sharp objects are a huge problem for someone with dementia. In the past, your elderly family member may have been more […]

Four Tips to Help Your Aging Family Member Cope with Changes

Senior Care in Greer SC: Coping with Change

Change is something that is a part of life, but the older your family member gets, the more difficult it can be for her to manage those changes easily. Coping with them can be incredibly difficult, but you can help her to see the situation differently. Consider Helping Her Start a Gratitude List. Keeping a […]

How Can You Make Meals More Social for Your Senior?

Senior Care in Greer SC: Making Meals Social

Meals in particular are a time when your aging adult may be feeling more alone than usual. Having a plan in place for increasing socialization around meals can help your aging family member to feel much better about that time of day. Here are a few ideas. Stick to Family Meal Times. If your aging […]

5 Time-Saving Solutions for the Stressed Caregiver


Senior Care in Greer SC A majority of seniors who live at home receive some form of home care from a family member. In fact, the Mayo Clinic states that this is the case for about 80 percent of seniors in need of long-term care. While there are many benefits to caring for an elderly […]

Senior Care Activities: Tips for Making Your Carved Pumpkin Last Longer


Senior Care in Greer SC Enjoying fun activities together is a fantastic way for you to make your senior care journey with your elderly loved ones more meaningful and more memorable. It also allows you to pursue your care goals by stimulating your parents’ minds and encouraging them to think critically, be creative, and use […]

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