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September is Pain Awareness Month

Home Care in Anderson SC: Pain Awareness Month

September is officially Pain Awareness Month, which means that health organizations focus on educating the public and raising awareness on the prevalence of chronic pain and the latest pain management techniques. Family caregivers that look after an elderly relative can certainly benefit from learning more about how pain is affecting their senior loved one. Pain […]

Is My Elderly Relative Touch Deprived?

Home Care in Anderson SC: Being Touch Deprived

Most adults are aware that elderly people need a lot to stay healthy and happy, such as a good diet, entertainment, comfortable living space, and adequate medical care. But how many of them realize that to have good mental and physical health, elderly adults need to have human contact in the form of touching? A […]

The Symptoms and Treatments of Traumatic Brain Injury in Seniors


Home Care in Anderson SC What may seem like a minor fall, causing the elder to hit their head, could have a serious impact on the health of your loved one’s brain. In fact, falling is one of the most common ways seniors develop traumatic brain injury. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people over the […]

6 Ways Seniors Can Stay Safe When Out and About


Home Care in Anderson SC Crime can happen to anyone. Sadly, the elderly are easy, unsuspecting targets for criminals to take advantage of. Whether seniors are the victims of robbery, car theft, pick-pocketing, purse snatching or other scams, they become targets because they are less likely to fight back compared to younger adults. While you […]

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