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Why Your Aging Relative is Resisting In-Home Care

Elderly Care in Simpsonville SC: Why Your Aging Relative is Resisting In-Home Care

Everyone worries about experiencing declining health as they age, and most people do harbor fears about growing old and depending on others for their care. These emotions are usually what’s behind an aging adult’s resistance to in-home care when it is suggested by their relatives. Family caregivers have the hard task of convincing their aging […]

Health Concerns for Seniors


As the body ages, people become more susceptible to several chronic diseases. Many of these can be prevented or their progression slowed down through a concerted effort to change one’s lifestyle. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a determination to reduce stress all play vital roles in becoming the 8 percent of older adults who […]

First Aid Tips for Minor Burns


Elderly Care in Simpsonville SC Burns are a common form of injury that can occur in many different situations. Your parent may accidentally touch a hot pan or burner, hot oil could splash on them, there could be small fire, or your parent could touch a piece of metal that has gotten hot from the […]

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