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Five Ways to Get out of Isolation as a Caregiver

Elderly Care in Anderson SC: Breaking Out of Isolation as a Caregiver

When you isolate yourself as a caregiver, you’re restricting the interactions that you have with other situations and other people. This can leave you feeling depressed, especially when you don’t realize what you’re doing. Here are 5 ways to get out of that isolation. Join a Support Group. One of the best ways to break […]

How to Recognize When Your Elderly Parent Should Stop Driving


Elderly Care in Anderson SC Driving provides us with a sense of freedom and independence, but can become increasingly dangerous for older adults to do. This is not to say that all seniors can’t drive anymore. In fact, there are many older adults who are healthy enough to continue driving well into their golden years. […]

Elderly Loved Ones and Panic Attacks

Elderly Care in Anderson SC

Elderly Care in Anderson SC The very first time that your elderly loved one experiences a panic attack, she may believe that something worse, like a heart attack, is happening. Much of this has to do with the wide range of symptoms that a panic attack can provoke. Finding a plan to work through these […]

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