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My Aging Parent Wants to Adopt a Pet

Elder Care in Seneca SC: Adopting a Pet

Elderly adults enjoy spending time with friends and family members, but when they are dealing with chronic health issues, it seems that they spend a lot of time in their homes with elder care providers where they can feel a little lonely. Many aging adults who feel bored, isolated, and a lack of purpose often […]

How Can You Care for a Senior in the Final Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Elder Care in Seneca SC: Caring for a Senior in the Final Stage of Alzheimer's Disease

Facing the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult things a family caregiver can experience with their aging loved one. At this point in this progressive disease, your aging loved one will lose their ability to interact with the world around them, communicate effectively, and handle any of their own care. […]

Help Your Elderly Parent Avoid Winter Holiday Depression

Elder Care in Seneca SC: Holiday Depression

For many seniors, the winter holidays trigger lots of overwhelming feelings, from stress and grief to full depression. If you are new to being a family caregiver for your aging mom or dad, you may not realize that instead of fun and happiness, winter holidays bring negative emotions to them. In addition, many seniors simply […]

How to Review and Improve upon Your Loved One’s Care Plan


Elder Care in Seneca SC Just as it’s important for your loved one to have a plan for her current and future care, it’s equally important to revisit that plan from time to time in order to adjust it. You should do this fairly often so that you can adjust whatever isn’t working. Talk to […]

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