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Struggling to Wash Senior Hair? Hire Elderly Care!

Elderly Care Greenville SC: Seniors and Hair Washing

amily caregivers must see that their aging loved one gets their hair washed at least once per week to keep them healthy, clean and looking good. If washing hair has become a fight between them, it may be time to hire an elderly care provider to assist.

Are Hallways a Danger Spot for Your Senior?

Elderly Care Greenville SC: Are Hallways a Danger Spot for Your Senior?

Hallways are often dark, long, and don’t have much going on other than serving as a connector between one part of a home to another. But that can make hallways a bit of a danger zone for your elderly family member. Lighting Is a Huge Issue Lighting is a big issue in every room of […]

5 Ways to Keep the Mind Sharp through Elderly Care in Greenville, SC

Elderly Care Greenville SC

There are many things that people of all ages can do to keep their mind sharp. For those who rely on elderly care, keeping the mind sharp can help delay memory loss associated with dementia, help stay organized, and be more focused and energized throughout the day. Below are five ways that elderly care providers […]

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