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Is Your Senior Making Some Mistakes with Her Workout?

Home Care Spartanburg SC and Stress Awareness

Working out is a fantastic thing for your elderly family member to do, especially if she’s managing her weight or health problems through what she eats and how often she moves. But it’s easy to make small mistakes while working out that could be impeding her progress. She Needs to Warm Up. Warming up is […]

Recognizing Symptoms of Celiac Disease in the Elderly

Senior Care in Columbia SC: Symptoms of Celiac Disease in the Elderly

While there has definitely been a greater awareness of celiac disease in recent years, most people still think of it as a childhood disease. Celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that causes the body to react to wheat gluten, can actually strike a person at any age, and it has become more common than ever for […]

Resistance Exercise and Aerobic Exercise – Do Seniors Need Both?


Senior Care in Columbia SC Most seniors and their caregivers have probably heard that exercising regularly is one of the keys to great health.  Exercise can help people of all ages maintain a healthy weight, ward off chronic medical conditions, and have a happy mood.  It is especially important for seniors who are battling with […]

Senior Care Fun: Making Snack “Acorns” for Your Thanksgiving Celebration


Senior Care in Columbia SC If you are on a senior care journey with your elderly loved ones, they may feel like they are no longer capable of being as involved in holiday preparations as they once were. Their physical, medical, mobility, or cognitive limitations could keep them from doing the things that they once […]

How Working Longer can be Beneficial for Seniors


Senior Care in Columbia SC For most people, working on a daily basis is a priority due to financial obligations. One of the main goals for most working people is to retire at an age where they can enjoy their golden years. However, these days, more and more seniors are beginning to work longer due […]

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