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What Can You Do if Your Senior Absolutely Refuses to Stop Driving?

Home Care in Mauldin SC: When a Senior Refuses to Stop Driving

Some aging adults are very resistant to the idea of no longer driving. There are lots of reasons for this, but at some point you may have no choice but to resort to some big solutions to keep her from driving. Alert Friends and Family. The more people who know that your senior isn’t supposed […]

Three Things You May Overlook When Planning for Your Dad’s Future

Home Care in Mauldin SC: Planning for Dad's Future

Your mom’s death was unexpected. Since then, it’s been an adjustment for everyone in the family. You’ve had to help your dad pay the bills, cook meals, and take care of home upkeep. He’s needed rides and regular visits to ease loneliness. Have you done enough? One thing you know is that it’s important to […]

Three Reasons Some Seniors Refuse to Think About Home Care Options


There are plenty of reasons why people refuse to even consider home care support services. For some seniors, the idea of relying on a home care aide can be a point of frustration. They assume their families are going to take care of them or they think they don’t need that much help. The more […]

What is a Home Care Companion?

Home Care in Mauldin SC

Home Care in Mauldin SC If your parent is elderly and/or disabled, as caregivers you try to be available for them as much as possible. Unfortunately, you have other responsibilities as well, such as work, school or taking care of your family. A home care companion is someone who will visit your elderly parents in […]

Home Care can Help Adults with Multiple Sclerosis

Home Care in Mauldin SC

Home Care in Mauldin SC With the beginning of March kicking off the National MS Education and Awareness Month, there are a number of people thinking about this topic and how it affects their elderly loved ones. The fact is, caring for a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis takes patience and quite a bit “out-of-the-box” […]

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