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What to Put in an Emergency Communication Kit in Case of Power Outages

Home Care in Columbia SC: Creating an Emergency Communication Kit

When power outages strike one of the worst problems can be that your senior has no way to communicate with you or with the outside world in general. Having an emergency communication kit ready to go means that your aging family member still has a way to reach out. Here are a few items to […]

Why Is Your Senior Isolating Herself a Little More Lately?

Home Care in Columbia SC: Reasons Your Senior is Isolating Herself

Isolation is something that you might not notice right away with your aging adult. Gradually, she may have stopped going out as much or spending as much time with other people. Learning why she’s doing this can help you to come up with a solution for her. She’s Experienced Losses. Loss is terrible, no matter […]

Does My Aging Loved One Need Therapy?

Home Care in Columbia SC: Does My Aging Loved One Need Therapy?

Although there is still a stigma surrounding therapy and mental illness, there has been a lot of progress with younger generations about addressing the issues and getting therapy for a number of reasons. Many people really benefit from therapy and you may be wondering if your aging loved one might not find value in visiting […]

July is Social Wellness Month


Home Care in Columbia SC Having regular social interaction is key to having great health overall and having good quality of life.  For many elderly adults who live at home, loneliness and isolation can be a big concern.  Engaging with others in a social setting is not only fun and enjoyable for elderly adults, it […]

Health Care Cost Reductions that Fail Due to Lack of Professional Home Care

Home Care in Columbia SC

Home Care in Columbia SC Technical improvement in surgical techniques in the United States has dramatically increased the surgeries possible in an “ambulatory” setting as opposed to requiring hospitalization. An ambulatory setting is commonly called a medical clinic. Many medical and surgical procedures that used to require a hospital stay are possible in such clinics. […]

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